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“We should not kill, eat, torture, or exploit animals because they do not want to be so treated and we know that. If we listen, we can hear them.” Josephine Donovan

"Standing in a pen, with a field recorder in hand, surrounded by 12 piglets, I am a long way from where I was 2 years ago. The animals are crowding around me like puppies and as I look into their hopeful faces, I struggle to understand how pigs can be so mistreated by the industrial farming industry. They are curious about me and my microphone and keep pushing their little snouts against it, making muffled noises that I can hear clearly through my headphones. They trust me and nudge my hand so that I will scratch their heads and stomachs. If more people could experience this, they might feel my outrage."
journal entry, January 2012.

What is Immersive Sound Installation?

The viewer listener (you) is asked to immerse themselves in the artwork experience. In the case of my work, I ask you to come into the environment that I have created and sit and listen to the sound that surrounds you. If you pay close attention, you can hear how it moves closer and further away and from side to side.