Kathryn Eddy

I am a non medium specific artist who uses painting, drawing, collage, photography, sculpture, and immersive sound installation to explore the complexities of the human animal relationship. As an activist against racism, domestic violence, and animal abuse, my current work comments on these issues and examines the patriarchal power structure that perpetuates them. Recognizing that speciesism, racism, and sexism are linked oppressions, I continue to question the political and social ramifications of living in a world where animals and women are often seen as mere objects for consumption.
Animals are pets, symbols, objects, genomes, captives, food, and signifiers. I question how we can understand the non-human without our human-ness getting in the way? How can we listen and acknowledge without speaking for them, and attend to the animal without distortion?

Exhibits, Publications, and Conferences

2017 The Urban Wild Coyote Project, Seeing with Animals Conference, Eastern Kentucky University

2017 The Sexual Politics of Meat, The National Museum of Animals and Society, Los Angeles, Ca. (Co-curator and participating artist)

2016 "Animals Sounds and Animal Advocacy" Interviewed by Robbie Judkins, Resonance 104.4 FM, London (aired March 15th, 2016) can now be heard via podcast at resonancefm.com

2015 The Art of the Animal: 14 women artists explore the sexual politics of meat, Lantern Press (Co-editor and participating writer/artist)

2015 What Does Art Add?, City Without Walls Gallery, Newark, New Jersey (Co-curator and participating artist)

2014 Uncooped: Deconstructing the Domesticated Chicken, The National Museum of Animals and Society